my cook and nelson haul.

So, a few weeks ago I was very excited to find out that I had won a $50 voucher for Cook and Nelson in a Mindfood competition. I got to look through the Cook and Nelson website and pick out of a lovely range of coffee, sauces, chocolate, milkshake syrup and other delicious treats. Anyway, I finally got my order in the mail today, so I decided to review what I got.


Fix & Fogg’s dark chocolate peanut butter is so good – it’s salty and sweet all at once, and the chocolate makes it taste really rich. It’s extra crunchy, too, and would taste great spread on anything (or you could just eat straight out of the jar…not that I’ve been doing that at all…).



The Huffman’s Spiced ‘Bloody Mary’ Tomato Ketchup is absolutely delicious. It has fresh tomatoes, sea salt, vinegar, sherry, chili and Worcester sauce, and it really is the fanciest sauce I’ve ever tasted. It’s a little bit spicy, and has this really fresh flavour that I’m enjoying a lot. I had it in a wrap with chicken and salad for dinner, and it was very nom indeed.



Then there’s the two 200g bags of Flight Coffee; the Bomber blend and the Belle blend. I absolutely love coffee, and I’ve already had a couple of mugs of the Bomber blend. It’s delicious; it has these notes of chocolate and caramel that make it taste really good. The flavour is better when you have it black, but it’s good with milk too.



Finally, I decided to try a bottle of kombucha, which is a type of fermented black tea that’s supposed to have all of these health benefits. I wasn’t expecting it to be fizzy! It was very refreshing, and tasted a bit like sparkling grape juice. It’s really unlike any drink I’ve ever tried before. I’d like to try it again one day, but at the moment I can’t quite afford it…


I really enjoyed trying all of these things, and I’d definitely think of buying something from Cook and Nelson again – probably more of that coffee.

– rosie xxx



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