ten things about rosie.

  1. I love writing poetry, but I don’t always love people reading my poetry. As soon as you share a poem with someone, it doesn’t belong to you anymore — the words, the idea, the feeling the poem gives you — all of that is no longer yours. And that feels kind of weird.
  2. I pretend to be tough but in reality I am a bundle of nerves, bad puns and low self-esteem. And in typical Rosie fashion, I have suddenly gone from telling absolutely no one about this to telling the whole internet. So there you go.
  3. I like taking photographs of things. However, as I don’t often get out of the house, I am often low on photo inspiration.
  4. I am a regular ‘child of the internet’. I spend far too much time online, and stay up way too late doing things like reading fanfiction and blogging about memes.
  5. I get way too emotionally invested in television shows, video games and books, which means that I get unreasonably attached to fictional people, despite them not even being real.
  6. I love coffee. I really, really love coffee.
  7. I never used to like fashion as a kid, but as of late I’ve discovered a new found appreciation for nice dresses and sunglasses and boots that I can stomp around in. I’ve become more of a typical teenager than I had anticipated.
  8. You are reading the blog of a queen of procrastination. Whenever there is something I need to be doing, I will do literally anything that is not that important thing until I have only a day to finish it. I really need deadlines for everything I do, because otherwise I get nothing done. It’s a real problem.
  9. I have an unhealthy obsession with journals. I love the way they look, the way they smell and the way the paper feels. I have a small collection in my room that I plan to share on this blog some day! Mmmm…journals…
  10. I’m excited to have started this new blog, and I look forward to becoming a member of the blogging community! I can’t wait to meet all of you.

Until the fire works,

Rosie xxx