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the spring fair.

It’s the very beginning of summer now, and already I’m starting to miss the soft colours and mild temperatures of spring. I found this collection of photos on my phone that I took when my family and I went to the Spring Fair at Orton Bradley Park a couple months ago. It really sums up how spring makes me feel. The day I took these photos was dusty and warm, the colour of roses. Everything tasted like grass and cordial. A brass band was playing, and people were selling tea and scones from the cottage.

I’m really happy with how these photos turned out, and so I thought I’d post them to share on the blog! I’m also really enjoying this updated version of WordPress…it’s much easier to use.

As for the treasures I found while exploring the fair, there wasn’t really that much worth buying. I did find this cute┬árose pin, though – it was ceramic, handmade by this lovely old lady. I found it in a basket of smaller pieces that she was giving away for free. It was a lucky find.


Goodbye spring, and hello summer. May there be many adventures to be had, and moments to be captured.

Until the dragon flies,

Rosie xxx