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rosie’s 12 days of blogmas: day 3

it’s beginning to smell a lot like christmas…

One thing that I love about Christmas is that you start to associate different smells and tastes with the holiday. I’m always reminded of Christmas when I taste summer berries or smell peppermint. This day of my Blogmas challenge, I’m going to write about the soaps and cosmetics I own that are decidedly Christmas scented.


Beauticology products always smell absolutely delicious Рhere I have my Sweet Gingerbread body wash, which is one of my favourites. It has a very nice gingerbread scent, and is this shimmering pale gold colour that looks really lovely.

There’s also the Hot Chocolate lip butter, which smells exactly like hot chocolate! It’s a lovely clear lip gloss that makes your lips feel really soft. It’s amazing how much these products smell like the real thing – kind of makes me hungry…


Here I have another Beauticology product – Creamy Marshmallow Frosting body butter. It smells as good as it sounds; if you’ve ever wanted to smell like marshmallow frosting, this is definitely the lotion for you!

Another favourite of mine is the Weleda pomegranate body lotion, made from real organically grown pomegranates. Needless to say, it too smells fantastic. Pomegranates have such a summery scent that I can’t help but think of Christmas when I smell them! (Just to clarify, I live in New Zealand, so my Christmases are in the summer.) This lotion in particular is really good, because it makes your skin feel really soft, and it doesn’t make your skin feel oily the way some lotions do. Nice ūüôā

I’m going to be using these lotions and soaps a lot this December! If you have any smells that you associate with Christmas, please leave a comment below and tell me about them.

— rosie xxx


rosie’s 12 days of blogmas: day 2

It’s the second day of Rosie’s 12 Days of Blogmas! The prompt for today is ‘christmas films’, so I’m going to be listing my five favourite Christmas movies of all time. These are in no particular order, as I’m kind of terrible at choosing favourites! Here we go:

  1. Love Actually. love_actuallyI ¬†only watched Love Actually for the first time a week ago – partially because I was trying to get into a Christmas-y mood, partially because I’ve heard people talk about this movie all the time, and I just had to find out what everyone was going on about. I was actually really surprised that I enjoyed watching it so much – it didn’t sound like it would be my kind of thing. The stories were really cute, and I actually felt an emotion or two by the end of it. As kind of cheesy as it was, I really liked Love Actually, and I imagine I’ll watch it again. Perhaps it’ll become a new Christmas tradition of mine.
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas.¬†jack noYet another film I only saw for the first time this year. The great thing about The Nightmare Before Christmas is that it passes as a Christmas movie AND a Halloween movie. Basically, you should watch this movie whenever you get the chance, and Christmas serves as an excuse for you to see it. Jack Skellington is one of my favourite movie characters ever – he’s so funny, his outfit is awesome and he literally tried to steal a holiday just because he was bored.
  3. The Santa Clause.¬†santaclause.pngI kind of¬†have¬†to include this one. See, The Santa Clause (and its sequels) are shown on TV every single December. Ever since I can remember, my two sisters and I have watched these movies as our own Christmas tradition. While these movies are the very height of cheesy and are completely cringeworthy, you’ve got to love them anyway. I mean…the protagonist literally kills Santa Claus. That actually happens.
  4. Elf. elf-5Yes.
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).¬†grinchFirst of all, how does she do that with her hair? Because I need to learn this. Second of all, I know this isn’t the original Grinch film, but I love it anyway. Third, oh look it’s me, the Grinch. Fourth, this is a really cute movie, and original or not, it’s a classic. Watch the thing.


Seems to me that the real magic in Christmas movies is that no matter how bad they are, the fun is in watching them religiously and without fail every single December. This day of Blogmas has also opened my eyes to the fact that I haven’t actually seen that many Christmas movies. Anyone have any good Christmas movie recommendations for me?

— rosie xxx


rosie’s 12 days of blogmas: day 1

First of all, I have a confession to make. I consider myself to be a bit of a Grinch. I always cringe when shopping malls start playing Christmas carols over the speakers. I can’t stand the way gift-giving seems to lose its meaning over Christmas, and it becomes a requirement to give people presents. I’ve never liked the amount of stress that is piled onto people during the festive season. And yet here I am, writing a post for day one of Blogmas. And there is virtual snow on my blog.¬†

My prompt for Day One of Blogmas is ‘what Christmas means to me’, which is convenient, because I can explain this while also explaining why I’ve even decided to write about Christmas at all. So – this is what Christmas means to Rosie Pebbles, ladies and gentleman. Read on.¬†

  • First of all, this is not a story of a Rosie who has seen the error in her ways and has decided to shed her green fur coat and stop being a Grinch once and for all. On the contrary, I imagine I’ll always feel this disdain I have for Christmas.¬†
  • I have reasons. I’m not sulking about it because I’m a teenager with no spirit, etc. It’s actually a pretty stressful time for my family. For one thing, my sisters have to spend half of their Christmas with our dad, so I only get to see them for half the day. For another, we’re a bit short on cash, but we’re still expected to buy all kinds of things.¬†
  • To me, Christmas means stress and supporting messages of how family is the most important thing (which isn’t always true). That’s what I really think about it. But I can also see the charm in all things Christmassy. I love the Christmas lights, I love the decorations, I love the Christmas food.¬†
  • The conclusion I have made today is that I don’t dislike Christmas for being Christmas. I dislike it for the way other people force it on us. I dislike the expectations and rules and the pressure to be cheery. I dislike the way there is no consideration for the people who are expected to spend the day with their abusive families, or the people who are terrified of having to sit through Christmas dinner, or the people who have nobody to spend their Christmas with at all. The idea of Christmas in itself isn’t that bad – it’s the way people choose to celebrate it.
  • Which is why Blogmas is happening. Every year I’m distracted by the bad side of Christmas, but I know very well there’s a good side to it, too. This year, I’m determined to focus on that side. So for twelve days, I’m going to post about the parts of Christmas that make me smile.¬†Other people¬†can’t force you to be merry, hence ‘Grinches’ being a thing. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t decide to be merry on my own terms.¬†

If you’d like to take part in¬†Rosie’s Twelve Days of Blogmas, then leave a comment below and let me know! If anyone is interested, I’ll post a list of the twelve Blogmas prompts I’ve created. It’ll be more fun if you guys join in too! Whether you love or loathe Christmas, I hope you can find ways to enjoy it somehow.

— rosie xxx